Dark - Skepta

[Intro: Trigga]
Nine millimetre
With the dutty Luger
With me big revolver
Them never see me dark

[Verse 1: Skepta]
Can't chat to me about the high road
Back then I was moving psycho
Rolling ten man strong, minimum seven-up like [?]
Scotland Green, collect my giro
My whole crew wanted by the 5-0
Cooking up food
Bubbles floating on top of the water like a lilo
5 to 9, 9 to 5
Anytime, any day, Scotty was live
I never had no time to look pretty
Two sets of clothes like Jekyll and Hyde
Selling drugs in the baitest ride
One cat buying food off me from this window
Another cat buying food off President T on the drivers' side

[Hook: Trigga x2]
Them never see me dark, nine millimetre
Them never see me dark, with the dutty Luger
Them never see me dark, with me big revolver
Them never see me dark, them never see me dark

[Verse 2: Skepta]
It's six o'clock in the morning
I flew out, flew down the road, flew back then flew in
My mum knows what I'm doing
And deep down, I know she's screwing
I fell asleep with 13 scores in my mouth
Had a dream about chicken and chips
Like an eedyat, I started chewing
Woke up, then I started spewing
Thinking when is all this gonna end?
I had to open them up then wrap them again
I've been on the road so if the beat needs road bars, it's nothing I'll strap them again
I've got nothing to prove I'm certified, you can't school me, I've been there
That's why when you walk in the dance all the skengman go to, I'm in there

[Hook: Trigga x2]

[Verse 3: Skepta]
They said I was better before
Because I used to chat a lot of grease before
Used to tell 'em what happened when my gun squeezed before
I never said "thank you" or "please" before
Didn't chat about making Ps
Didn't chat about Boy Better Know tees before, before, before
I bun a lot of trees before
But now I've quit smoking
So now it's all good, Skepta don't smoke no more
Money making, I ain't broke no more
Picking up, shotting and reloading, even though I ain't selling no coke no more
No marijuana, no pill no more
Never get booked for a bill no more
Don't get it twisted and think cause I'm doing this music that I ain't real no more

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