Ed Hardy Party - Skepta feat Tinchy Stryder

[Verse 1: Skepta]
I've got some dumb Ed Hardy jeans actually
Dumb Ed Hardy belts actually
Dumb Ed Hardy shades actually
My bedroom's like an Ed Hardy factory
Some dumb Ed Hardy creps
Walking with a dumb Ed Hardy what?
I've got so much Ed Hardy clothes I could open my own Ed Hardy shop but
You man are dry like you ain't creamed before
I shot in a place you ain't been before
The Ed Hardy dan wearing some Ed Hardy watches you ain't seen before
I'm peaking, me and Stryder come through on a flea ting
The shopkeeper, he knows it's a P ting
Walk in the shop on a D Double E thing like "yo boss, it's me again!"
Yes it's me again, show me a new Ed
My garments cost an arm and a leg
Man are like "Skeppy, you're killing 'em Dredd!"
Taliban stylie, we kamikaze, too much style for the party
And if it's not a Star in the Hood or Boy Better Know t-shirt then it's gotta be Ed Hardy

[Hook: Skepta and (Tinchy Stryder) x4]
(It's an Ed Hardy party) I've got a lot of it, but I still want more
(It's an Ed Hardy party) If I see it in the shop then I walk through the door

[Verse 2: Tinchy Stryder]
I look just like a rockstar now in my Ed Hardy
Went to the Ed Hardy launch party
I came back looking fresh, call me Ed Hardy
Taliban stylie, we kamikaze
Ed Hardy jeans are mean

Chains all long, some next skulls on 'em
Tiger's face got next on 'em
Step to the Ed Hardy, not here
Cloud 9 Stryder, Ed Hardy wearer
Skepta's like Sarah
I'm [?] like Marc Vera
I can talk about garms from now to hours later
This Ed Hardy top cost paper
Yo, Ruff Sqwad is the clique, they know
Still stand out and the black tat shows
Skulled out like it's rock and roll
Keep it flea from head to toe in my Ed clothes,

[Hook: Skepta and Tinchy Stryder x4]

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