Greatest Hits - Skepta

Yeah it's Joseph
Boy Better know
I want P's, that's paper, that's money
I'm not H-A-P-P-Y
My name's Skepta, also known as H-A-Y
'Cuz if I got P's I'm happy
These emcees are happy with a G
But I'm gonna keep making P
Until the government have to put a bullet in my Boy Better Know team
When are these man gonna see
They emcees ain't the same as me
I had a Grime hit in 2003
God gave me a body and blessed it 'cuz my fingers made Duppy
Private caller, DTI, top producer
Post-Eskimo, effin' with the team
My two lips said "You don't wanna see me on the scene"
Go on then, what d'ya mean, what d'ya mean
But, their fingers and lips are just stinkin' of green
Always lean
Now they wanna hate on Skepta
'Cuz I make the greatest hits
C-list, B-list, A-list hits, so many hits
Manna threatening to hit me in my face
'Cuz I get so many hits on MySpace
Plus I'm known in the bits
I'm not any Tom, D_ck Jake in the bits
I'm making the hits
And you can't even hit your girl's G-spot
These emcees would love to see me flop
You would never get the respect we've got
Got so many hits on the hit list
Forget a guest list
I walk up to the entrance
And tell the bouncer I come with these lot
Ten man strong
Everybody looking like we just been to the Boy Better know tee shop
I'm hot like a teapot, I'm the best
Now everybody can see that your just floating around at the bottom with the rest
I'm bouncin' around in the top like Jordan's breasts
I believe in the team so much I got the logo printed on my chest
You're looking at a star when you're looking at S
So it's best you confess that I make the greats hits
You know what time it is
When our Maximum plays singles [?] than deeper
Three big underground Grime songs hit you in your head out
And if we're talkin' about Boy Better Know I draw for gangsters don't get rude, Eskiboy, serious and dead out
I know what you heard JME said out
If you ain't got a btter lyric then get out
You can't see me I'm too far ahead out
I'm gone like a 180 moped out here
Now the major labels wanna bread out
If you want a big beat, check me
I'm controlling the beats like Mike Skinner and [?]
I don't make swag beats, I'm a hit maker
Your just a fake English heat maker
Them tunes ain't gonna make no paper
Why you tryna make tandoori, when you're baker?
That's not gonna work
Like fat Charlier tryin' to marry Kat Slater
Don't make sense and it definitely don't make pence
Let alone paper
I make the greatest hits
And you won't hear Skepta talk about freebies no more
Because every tune I make, I can make a video for
If you want a big beat, just contact me and be well mannered
Give it to a DJ, watch it get hammered and battered
I'm eating big food, them man want a salad
I produce the bug tunes
But they still wanna still wanna go and spit on some Sneakbo ballad
I told them to haller at the kid, but they never hallered
All you gotta do is ask
But if I say yes, I might mean no
But if I say no, I don't mean yes
If you don't like it get a flight to Budapest
Your crews a mess, call it a day
'Cuz Little Nastie woulda said that [?] woulda said your'se swaggin' away
I when it comes to producin' I'm like Dr, Dre
Everyime I go on a PC, I make a big hit, it's like Groundhog day
My tunes are dirty like foreplay
None of you little spitters can say that I don't make the greatest hits
Skepta, I make the greatest hits
I didn't even say take you at remix
[?], Meridian wharf, Pied Piper remix
Boy better know
It's a lock
Go on then

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