I'm There - Skepta

What's my mother f_cking name?
Skepta, Skepta, Skepta, Skepta, Skepta
Boy Better Know, Skepta
Yeah, Skepta, listen, yeah

[Verse 1]
Put your hands in the air for the Boy Better Know managing director
Back to the front, left right and centre
Listen up close and please remember: my second name is "is the best", my first name Skepta
Undisputed microphone champion, ready for any contender
Girls love Boy Better Know t-shirts like they love La Senza
So if you're wearing a Boy Better Know tee, let me see
Prada, they ain't got nothing on me
Versace ain't got nothing on me
I'm big in the game, see Duppy on MTV Base
Now I've got a TV face
DJ Maximum on the CD change
Yeah, you dun know the MySpace
It's Boy Better Know all over the place

[Hook x2]
Still I'm here, I'm there
[?] or [?], I'm there
My name's on the bill, catch me, I'm there
And if you wanna clash me, I'm there

[Verse 2]
I'm never on a long ting, I'm never on a lay-lay
I spit a bar, man are like "mayday, mayday!"
I spit a lyric, it's pay day, no play play
These MCs better thank God for AJ
Boy Better Know endorsed my CD
I'm original, I don't Control-C
I only sound like me, that's why I don't wanna be the Forum's best MC cause Forum's best MC don't make no P
I'm known in the UK and overseas
Heathrow Airport know about me
Stanstead know my name, I don't wanna play your fastest MC game
I don't wanna play your skippiest MC game
But if you wanna clash me I'm there

[Hook x2]

Still, I'm about, trust me bruv
You'll see my face, in a funky dance, doing a funky dance
You know what I look like, you know what, f_ck this --

[Verse 3]
It's no introduction needed, I'm dangerous
I don't wanna [?], I'm famous
Next year, I'll be a baiders
Boy Better Know run this sh_t, ask the majors
Trust me, I'm gonna win Wiley
F_ck a snake and [?], these other MCs don't think like me
Buy out the bar or drink like me
I drop so much sh_t, they wish they could stink like me
Have Sidewinder on lock like me
Be losing a clash, that is not like me
I'm a stage show don, if you don't believe me, put the stage show on
See me performing on the same stage Dizzee and Kano's on
Nobody's ever played your song ever since it came out
These MCs have got bare mixtapes out, and they're still window shopping
I've got a new song, new album and a new single dropping
So when I drop my album, Halifax knows what's popping
I'm laughing straight to the bank with it
And I'm standing tall, wipe your Size 6, 7, 9s, Big Dada and Dirtee Stank with it
You know what I'm gone, I've got a flight to catch

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