I Spy - Skepta feat Jammer

You See the 4 best crews in the game I'm in dem, if you don't like me do something then, 10 minute screw faces I ain't in them, I want paper dibi dibi wages I ent them, My crew put 5 A? 20 notes in a roulette mechine and spin dem, anybody get rude al clench ma fist and chin dem, Forget a mash, Forget a clash, their trash al bin dem I don't wanna lyrical swing I will physicly swing dem, that's why I haven't clashed anybody since long son den some win seng, If I hear mans say my name al ring them, if I hear any skeng talk on ma 33 10 al find out where they are and link dem, Headlock powerdrive and pin dem.

More, more, more money more paper more, more money more paper I wanna see more dough then a baker run tings like ninja man and cartelli in jamaica, promoters pay me nuff paper, you know me man, the only man who could ever give me a bill is a waiter, Skepta heavy, heavy like pacer, I like the way things are going now I gotta start collecting the dough in, I used to only get bookings in the uk now me and my crews boarding the 747 bowing, I gotta get that dollar get that euro get that yen come back to england fit that again, I repeat fit that again!

I Work Hard everyday, I won't stop grime until everythings kosher, Until I got the house on the hill that looks like the one on the holiday brochure, I want power but it can't be solar, I'v always wanted to be a high roller, When I was young I had to get nikey I couldn't get gola, I had name brands when I was on ma stroller, I'm a big man now so wanna bow tie and a bowler, Forget P's like diddy I wanna make p's just like coca cola, For the big house in Angola, and the big Range Rover, And the P's legit so it realy don't matter if police wanna come an try pull man over.

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