Mastermind - Skepta feat Etta Bond

You're there every time I close my eyes
Dancing in the shadows, playing with the light
I call it mastermind (sexy)
Do it to me
Inside my head
Every time I breathe, in (ay)
Every time I breathe, in (ay)
Every time I, breathe in

[Verse 1:]
Paralyzed on this green, now I feel like a garden gnome
Suffering from cannabis psychosis, I'm in a crazy zone
I just called the police and I shouted Solo's home
Blame that on the 22, 000 voices in my millenium dome (mental)
Celebrity ladies, calling me daily, but I don't answer the phone
She thinks I'm gonna buy her a diamond, she better go to Sierra Leone
I'll be sitting at home, drinking this Patron until I get a kidney stone
M.O.B. 'til I D.I.E., these b_tches can s_ck my bone (icy)


[Verse 2:]
One sheet of the Rizla is all I need
Break off a little chip of cigarette and mix it all up with the weed (mmm)
Now I can't remember what we're smoking, is it the OG Kush or the cheese?
All I know is it feels like the room's spinning round at phenomenal speed (mental)
When we talk pussies don't answer back cause we're some rhetorical Gs
I've got n_ggas on standby waiting to make somebody bleed (bo bo bo bo)
Man try take me for a lemon, I'm a tell them I dare you to squeeze
Next time you see me and my gang, man won't be wearing Boy Better Know tees


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