Not Your Average Joe - Skepta

Yeah, my name's Joseph, but I'm not your average Joe, though
I will murk your whole team when I solo
Cause I'm massive in the game, you're a midget in the game
I'm like Pizza Hut and you're like Pizza GoGo
Me wife a ho, that's a no-no
Never give no girl my last Rolo
Cause I'm still getting thoughts of my girl going up and down on an ex-man like a yo-yo
But forget that, I'm Skepta
Take a photo, black t-shirt, Boy Better Know logo
Man know I'm still in the bits so when they see me they say "wagwan JoJo"
Bun traffic, I don't go slow
I just come off my two-year ban, I'm still bussing off illegal U-ies in front of the popo
Red light, but I still go though
Boy Better Know

Stay far away from Joe, you don't wanna step on my toes
I'm not your average Joe, so Boy Better Know
Any time I flow, I've gotta be the best in the show
If you don't know, I say Boy Better Know

I know you wrote that lyric from me and Jme, so don't even bother explaining it
Gun talk? I'm not entertaining it
I show love but they ain't embracing it
Stop talking like your voice has got bass in it
I've got the title and none of you are taking it
You will get an action replay of Lord of the Mics 2 if you write a bar with my name in it
I'm the best, there's no escaping it
When I'm on the radio man are taping it
I'm gonna keep spitting 'til I get a house and a car with a bassbox and a face in it
You man have been on the road for too long, stop spending your money, start saving it
Getting old now, you never used to have a beard, now you're shaving it
Use your head, you've gotta brain in it


Boy Better Know there's no better boys
You don't wanna see Jme get annoyed
Cause when he starts shouting "Boy Better Know"
It's not a laugh and joke
If you wanna play a game, boy better get a toy
When I said Boy Better Know man should've known I never said it by mistake
My t-shirts make more money than your mixtape
I tell a boy Boy Better Know, it's money making season
Book a flight to New York for no reason
You wanna buy a CD, I'm selling it
Go to the radio, I give out the phoneline number
Guys in Brooklyn are bellin' it
The grime sound, I'm spreading it
I know I've got a big head in it, so you better mind I don't come to your show and Hot 97 it
Boy Better Know

[Hook x2]

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