Reflecting - Skepta

I would hate me too
If I had the same myspace views as you
If I saw Skepta go from sitting on the wall
To sitting in a white V6 Coop
I think I'm the best and I call it competitve confidence
Not Vanity
It's not my fault them man have got a childish mentality
And they don't know how to make a tune for the mainstream radio road man
And the stageshow at the same time
Watch what too many man and sunglasses at night do in two double o nine
Let me tell you why I'm the king of grime
You write a hundred million different flows
I write that classical line to last me my whole life time


I wouldn't like me either
If I had a flow like yours that left no space for a breather
Then Skepta comes around
With a flow that breaks down
More times then a P reg Vauxhall Tiva
Too book Skepta ain't getting no cheaper
But promoters still want me to feature
Your sitting at home telling yourself the sh_t weed your smoking is a creeper
It's not creeping
Stop lying to yourself fam you might as well have bought Sisha
I'm too real nobody realer
Too deep nobody deeper
Flow like gus will nigger street sweeper


Wouldn't even come out their yard
About victim
You think I rap way too fast and your thinking this grime thing ain't the in ting
But you know what I hear that killer
But don't mistake me for that nigger
I get mad when I think this ting's got me spitting with people like Boya and Saskilla
Look right
It's not what it looks like
I stay with gang live a good life
I used to shot grams on a push bike
But I wern't a brand name like suk knight
I took time I kept a low profile I had the food that make that cats go wild
Before music I had a booming line

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