Botton Feeders - Smut Peddlers

*Let my orange d_ck spit*
I got a dog named Kubrick
It's obvious I like his flicks
Filming 'em with human chicks. If that's a sin
Let him poke this white b_tch Kim for coke
Outside of a bar until I switched in
Breaking her in like new Tims in a robbery
Take a culture of my spit's culture and spawn a colony
Smell like teen spirit? Grab a shotgun and feed us
My L.P. street they shaking up Columbine High cheerleaders
Dipping in two seaters, that ain't mine
So many sick ass letter combinations I ?peg rhymes?
Blew my E.C. advance on a P.C. and grams
D.C. and P.S.2 games, grow lights and plants
Crops done by the time the cops come
Car jacked this pregnant Indian for a Datsun
Blaze a building, to catch a rap magazine
You wanna talk sh_t and not get f_cked up?
That's a faggots dream!

Hook: X2
Scratched in "Yeah, you know how we comin"
With the looters, solicitors, unwanted visitors.
Nickel bag misdemeanors, bottom feeders.
Moochers, bleeders, breeders and sleepers.

[R.A. The Rugged Man]
Hey yo, I'm just as broke as when I had no deal
I'm not too bright. My brain is like oatmeal
I used to be label mates with Shaquille O'Neal
Now I get my d_ck s_cked in the Batmobile
I live in Long Island, with a house of retards
And illegal aliens that need green cards
I'm a rap legend to little weird white kids
That carve sh_t in their arms
Like "I don't wanna live"
I'm the original, dirty, white gangster
Ryhmer. Perverted rhyme writer
We dirty old men you can't trust us
See us finger popping your daughters in the back of school buses
Rugged Man. Hairy baboon
Catch me at the MTV awards jerkin off in the bathroom
Cage, Eon, Mighty Mi. Why try?
Remix this sh_t. Put it back out when I die

Repeat hook

[Mr. Eon]
I'm so depressed, I'm doing whippits for hours. Cuz I realize
I'm less popular than what's happening now was
There are women in pits in my basement
My trophy. Morgana's tits in a glass encased man
Like my sidekick Gary Highnick
I'm still banging the Thai chicks plus I'm high b_tch
Eon rains...f_ck it! E hurricanes
You a cold front that's seen on every weather vane
I got a storm more perfect than George Clooney
Thinking y'all scary. Y'all ain't even goonies!
E eases through the scene that's serene
And drops the illest sh_t any latrine has ever seen
I have no left or right ventricles
That's why I laugh when cops pull out with both tenticles
The beast lives among us
And I cause a reaction similar to what seeing your mother hung does

Repeat hook

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