Josie - Smut Peddlers

I first saw the b_tch at the galleria
With Mr. E

Yo, check that spanish b_tch

Yeah, I see her
She was signing people up for credit cards at Sears
Would've stepped to her but...

Mr. E beat you there
Detective D_ck lonely. So I'm paging up Josie
36 C's, great knees, p_ssy toasty
Face like Parker Posey. Seen Stark and Rosie
In the winter looking tan. Never ever ghostly

F_ck that b_tch; I grab myself a sl_t and broke
I had my brain on Josie the whole time we stroked
Days go by and E is like, she wants to chill

Yo you got that leak?

No doubt. Let's lace the Phil's

For rumors narc Thomsons and rhymes I need detox
Shermed up driving in circles for three blocks
Enbalming fluid in the Big Red I was chewing
Worse than the dip whip that had my ass tripping
Who pick you up at eight
So have your gear and sh_t straight

Yo I be puffing in the basement
Hit the whore when it's time to skate
Leathal leakin got my mother crib stinking
No time for air freshener they beeping in the Lincoln
I jumped in the back with Juice
Solutions fusing the dip nicotine and the truddy Susan
Picked her and her friend up from work
Cat suit. Tight Skirt
Licking they lips shaking they tits trying to flirt

Josie! Not what your everyday hoes be
Josie! Perfect poultry for adultry
Josie! Keep the baby wipes closely
Josie! Still taking facials mostly

We twist leak before the b_tch speak
Watch my d_ck creep. Already hitting Josie
But her friend looked like a freak
Doing sixty five in a school zone
Baggy two tones. Swerving off road
Let's get some more blue note
Yo I want to sample that sh_t
(I wanna sample that clit)
Eric and Alex might just pull a switch

I reached from the back and grabbed Josie's tits
Where I can find her friend's lips
To the Mighty Mi mix. She freestyles with a mouthful
Pornographic Serena Altschul. Still leaked up

Yo break up this ounce

True. Knee deep in a box in the back seat poppin her
Start shooting like trench coat mafia

Yo Cage I can't see with that b_tch on top of ya
In the rear view that p_ssy looking much sloppier
Take the party upstate. On the palisades
Stopping on a dirt road. Josie mixing Alize

Ounce a day habit. She wanna f_ck like a rabbit

Strapped with a hat. Smoked the leaks to the last hit

Is you in love with that b_tch?

No kid. (So switch)

I hit her on the trunk
Then took shotguns from her cunt
For one straight month, we f_cking on the reg
She's just a mouth, box and a ass

You f_cking with her head

Repeat hook.

Should've known she was like a sister
Stripping and licking

As far as Mr. E's d_ck, that's all she was getting

A fairly hated me because I got a stinking house
Said they know what I'm about

The p_ssy no doubt!

To the little bomb b_tch munk for half my closet

Damn. All she got from me was a mouth deposit
Word up. Wait. What's this receipt from the Sheraton?

It's be your last night tricking Josie and Erin
How'd you know?

She treated

She left half skeeted. With a check to cash

For how much?

Six G's kid

I'm quick to stop payments
See that b_tch in her arraignment

For the next one to three
She's fat b_tch entertainment

Repeat hook

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