Lose Your Way - Sophie B. Hawkins

I have no confidence
And I can't see why I should
But I could do most anything for you
And you know I would

I try too hard
And then I give up way too easily
I'm the runner up inside of you
And you're the winner inside of me

Chorus :
Lose your way
And I will follow
Here today
And here tomorrow
Like my freedom I know
I'll never let you go

I still wish on the evening star
And I s'pose I always will
Every child loses something
A whole life can't fulfill
And when you cry I feel the sky
Burst open in my veins
If loving you makes a slave of me
Then I'll spend my whole life in chains


Walk the line
I'll walk inside you
Change your mind
Let your love decide you
It's the reason I know
You'll never let me go

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