Back in the groove - Total Touch

Total Touchdown, Back in the Groove Come on
No we won't stop, No we won't stop

I've got a groove going on with you,
can't stay away from whatever you do.
Yes, I am back in the groove with you,
it's like the sun risin' up.
No, it's never gonna stop.

I'm really in a crazy mood.
I hope it's gonna stay.
Your laughter makes me feel so good,
your light has colored my day.
I wonder where you're coming from
and what it means for me
You're like some tune I wanna hum,
a fav'rite melody.


I wanna see ya kinda soon
just wanna hear your voice
Let's meet tomorrow afternoon
please make my heart rejoice
I think we've got a magic flow
in case you didn't know
Let's give it one hundred percent
who knows where it will end?

Bring out the very best in me
Show me what's goin' on
You've got a lot of energy
you've gotta give me some
I wonder where you're goin' to
if I can come with you
We've got nuthin' to lose
let's get back in the groove


I feel a rhythm between me 'n' you
No matter what I do - I do it with you
I'm so happy I can be myself
you take me as I come
I never felt this way before with anyone!

RAP (by Melcrun)
Throw your hands in the air,
close your eyes - keep'em there
Watch that neck in the back
because you're bobbin' "op en neer"
'Crun in the house
create a buzz like a pager
Collabo with my home-girl Train-cha
Mind elevator - lyricistable - colored
- rhymer - underestimatin' - nada
Stay solid
That's the meanin' of the name Melcrun
H? yo, Back in the groove
We're havin' mad, mad fun


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