Ego - Total Touch

You've never been straight with me,
even up to this day.
What is it you wanted from me?
What kind of game did you play?
Your split personality,
has turned me inside out
You promised honesty
but gave me lies 'n' doubts.

You told me you loved me,
but all my trust you betrayed.
I lost my dignity.
Why did you take that from me?
You told me you wanted me,
I don't need none of that crap.
You took it all out on me,
I felt abused - I was trapped.

It is so easy to go,
and cut me with your ego.
I cannot take no more.
What did you do that for?
Now you've got no place to go,
you will hear me on the radio,
I am worth caring for.
What do you take me for?

I took you by surprise,
you didn't know what to say.
You could not look in my eyes,
your conscience got in the way.
Don't act pathetic 'n' dumb,
'cause now it's much too late.
Justice will be done,
I've got no time to waste.

You stole my smile from me,
and left me stuck with your sh_t.
My body still remembers,
all the things that you did.
You didn't hear me cry,
but now it's time that you know,
how much you've hurt me inside,
It's much too easy to go.

You messed up - all your chances you blew
The game is up.
I'm through with you.
I'm by myself and I'm much better off.
'cause now I know.
I'll save my love for someone else!


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