Someone like you - Total Touch

Someone that I can trust
I don't have to search no more
for someone like you

You are so strong - yes, you are
You have so much to give
You show me right from wrong
You show me how to live
I often tell my secrets
Yes, you mean the world to me
I bare my soul to you
you know that special side of me
And in my dreams I softly whisper your name
I hear the words you say - and feel safe again

You are someone to lean on
someone to adore
Someone that takes good care of me
and knows what I wish for
(I need) Someone that I can trust
Yes, you know what to do
I don't have to search no more
for someone like you

You have an open mind
You are for freedom of the heart
Respecting all mankind
You turn your life into an art
You lived through peace and strife
And always kept your dignity
You knew how to survive
and pass the knowledge onto me
Without your love it wouldn't be the same
That's why you're smilin' from my picture frame


There must be a reason
That you make me feel so strong
You gave me the power
And all the strenght to carry on


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