Forgive - Won't Forgive - Total Touch

Anybody there that I can talk to?
Anybody that can talk back to you?
Do you feel the same the way that I do?
You are the only one that can help me through
I am a girl that's really got her pride
even thoug I'm dying deep inside
I'll stay in tume- and I won't get upset
but there are things in life that I can't forget

I will forgive won't forget
and what you've done I regret
I've got to go on with my life
although I'll pay the price
but it's so hard every time
There was a time you were mine
it's your life I respect
Our Love is gone - it's a fact
I will forgive - but I won't forget

I used to play the girl so strong
but I feel so weak since the day you're gone
I no longer want to sing my song
now I know what it is to be alone
I've got to find a new woman in me
but it doesn't seems to happen naturally
I wish this whole mess was not true
'cause the damm truth is
I'm still in love with you

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