Standin' Strong, Together! - Total Touch

You're in my heart so don't ever fear
I cross my fingers, and you will be here
And when I'm not aware, you will be by my side
Standin' strong, together! here to make things right

Sometimes I wonder what lies in store for me
Searching for harmony and trying to find the golden key
We are walking slowly batteries on way to go
Let's come together unconditionally

Yes, there is so much to do, just show your purity
It would mean the world to all of us, if everyone could sing


Somebody tell me what is humanity
The price of freedom is too high to buy so easily
It is no wonder we are going under
We can't go on acting so selfishly

Trouble seems so far away. That ain't reality
We are all as one, we have one voice
Let's find a better way


We have one mission now: to live in harmony
It's not impossible, if we could all unite and sing


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