This way - Total Touch

"Train-cha", Friday, February the fifth
the sun is shinin'
as I walk through the valley of Self
Through introspection I find my spiritual being
and discover the road I must follow
and that's what this song's all about


This way, this way
Come what may - we must go this way
This way, this way, this way

What about the daily grind?
The things that life will put us through?
People are conforming to
the pressures of society

Take into consideration
not ev'ryone can be the same
There is no sense in fixin' blame
respect should be the main aim


You gotta search within your soul
connect up with the source of life
And then for sure you'll find the hidden goals
You had in mind
This offers oppertunity
to get to know your inner needs
You've gotta set you spirits free
and be who you wanna be


You've gotta know for what you know
just let your intuition flow
Be proud of what you are
and you'll go far
Wisdom paves the way
we must follow - come what may
On this road we must stay


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