4 Eva Bloody - Young Thug & Bloody Jay

I gotta go hard, ain't no Pacers on it
If it's a problem, you know I put my lil' homies on it
And if it's politics involved, I put big homie on it
We got them flags held high, we don't need no opponents
Cause I'm forever bloody
Swear I'm forever bloody
Cause I'm forever bloody
Yeah I'm forever bloody

[Bloody Jay:]
F-A-E-V-A (forever!)
Ain't sh_t bigger than the B
Bloodlove, valentine
And I'm big homie forreal
Flamed up the streets
BLAtlanta bigger than rap
Just ain't O.C.D
Slash that B.D
Got some homies in the [?] that depend on me
Free Nasty Nuke
B_tch I play for keeps
S double M
Shout-out to the brims
Shout-out to the brips
We let our birds fly high, like that n_gga Jim
Put my life on the line, go out on a limb
B.I.P to the homies, we roll one for them


[Young Thug:]
Thugga live in trenches with a bat like a barbarian
Thugger Thugger rob his own damn Ola, he not scared'a sh_t
If you ain't know I'm blood, I'm not no snitch, but I'm gon' tell you quick
Bloody Thugger roll that game[?] rock over, but you ain't even know that
Thugger pop 'em off, pop 'em off, pop'em off (pop 'em off)
I'm not 2Pac but I'm thuggin' n_gga, we Outlawz
And I'm not talkin' 'bout no phone, but I move on protocol
I got that stick, so do not move at all
Bullet gon' swell up your jaws like gauze
Pop 'em off, pop 'em off
Even though you tried one, let bygones be bygones
No advertisement, but you can try one
New York boys gon' die, son
Stick got me feelin' like Iron Man
Hold me some molly, it's tree time

[Hook 2x]

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