Signs - Young Thug & Bloody Jay

[Verse 1 - Bloody Jay:]
Big B's in his face
N_gga play,
We gone shoot up this whole place
Dead on arrival
I'm headed for our rivals
Get crossed up no bibles
We bleeding no towels
Two guns up like the twin towers
[?] like twin towers
F_ck n_ggas getting devoured
N_ggas wish they was us
That's why they n_ggas sour
P_ssy n_gga tell the tale
They ain't nothing but some cowards
Sex money murder n_gga that's my game
All my n_ggas with me yeah we rep the same thing
Got some homies in the G [?] that's the bang gang
Blood in blood out we always gang bang

[Hook - Bloody Jay:]
We bang we bang we bang
They banging we banging (got plans)
We bang we bang we bang (f_ck you and your man)
They banging we banging
We bang we bang we bang (we bang)
They banging [B's up] we banging [B's up]
We bang we bang we bang
They banging we banging

[Verse 2 - Young Thug:]
B-L-O-O-D-Y thug thug
[?] n_gga doing drive-bys
N_gga still don't know about Bloody J are gonna die
N_gga still don't know about King Slime I will Fry
Blood Rich Gang run with pistols like utensils
YSL we'll just beat you like instrumentals
ROB got that tattooed on my temple
Blood Rich in the club with that 25 like [?]
All I know is red, we've been like that since the 90's
Wrap my money up and told the feds to come and find me
5:55 now that's what you call perfect timing
A110 YSL stand behind me


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