Danny Glover - Young Thug & Bloody Jay

Okay, cool, okay, bool, I love her
I'm a save her, yes, I Danny Glover
I'm a call my Pa before I f_ck her mother
I pass them a molly, now they kiss each other
Every time I f_ck I gotta hit me least like two b_tches
For that dope he whipped, you need a new wrist
Foreign car outside, that b_tch got two digits
Money stand like eight feet just like two midgets

[Verse 1:]
Who the f_ck told you that Young Thugger Thugger don't f_ck up the beat
I got six cars and I also got rentals and all of 'em tinted
No, I'm not Nipsey, not from L.A., but I got keys to the city
I f_ck it, I s_ck it, I beat it down, then she beat me to the ceiling
Stoner my lifestyle, I'm living too wild
I came to make you proud, that money keep her around
In love with her head, I can't turn it down
Can't wait for my time to come back around
She see that you don't got Lil Haiti's style
Plus I just seen Snoop on Girls Gone Wild
I just bought a Bentley and a b_tch came with it
Young rich n_gga hitting million dollar licks
Balling in New York like the motherf_cking Knicks
You better have them racks, you ever want to hear me spit
And everywhere I go, I gotta pass like staff
I'm going off top like a motherf_cking lay up
357, six shots like Al
I left ten bands in a motherf_cking cab


[Verse 2:]
I knew I was gonna run my money up and everybody didn't
All these n_ggas p_ssy n_ggas, telling on they partner
Hope the p_ssy n_gga get a bigger sentence
P_ssy n_gga play, I'm coming back with the K
And I'm a shoot that motherf_cker 'til he livid
B_tches wanna see a n_gga thumb through his bands
I'm a name myself Young Thugga tenant
100 bands at a time
I fronted you bands, but you
I don't like using profanity but the young f_cker will cut you
All of my cups are muddy
I f_ck my b_tches' buddies
I just want nut like Buddy
All of my b_tches buddies
Panamera with the tinted roof
All the n_ggas dogs going, "Roof"
Top notch shawty, n_gga we ain't gon' care
Young n_gga rich, jewelry colder than the attic
If she ain't a virgin then that b_tch is only average
I can't even hear ya, baby, get rid of the static
I can't learn a b_tch, but I learn mathematics
I just ball her down whenever she call my pattern


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