Nothing but Some Pain - Young Thug & Bloody Jay feat Future

[Hook - Future:]
Real Street N_gga I Ain't Get Nothin But Some Pain From It [8x]

[Verse 1 - Bloody Jay:]
Real Street n_gga, I ain't get nothin but some pain from it
Real hustle I ain't get nothin but some game from it
Rock stayed on me ain't get nothin but some game from him
Took off the plug now ya can't get nothing but caine from me

Broke it all down now you can't get nothin but a drain from me
Made me blood now they can't get nothin but stain from me
You know I keep it so you cannot get a thing from me
Lee gave it to em so you did not get that thing from me

But then again he's me
And I'm Lee, and theres nothin bigger than the B
But you knew that already
And anything after that is secondary


[Verse 2 - Bloody Jay:]
Shot my 1st n_gga didn't get nothing but some fame from it
I got my 1st name from it
F_cked up what happen to ole Flip
I remember feelin like Birdie after I flipped the clip

After that it was bandanas and hoodies

I'm talkin way before the Sam Hoody
I got blood in my eye [2x]

Try to grams, D.T., D.B., Lil Reggie from B.G., C.M.B
Lil Bris too
B.I.P. them my bloods too


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