I Took a Year - Coalesce

I never considered that. I chose to stay numb over
tears. I forgot myself to keep momentum. I took a year
and stretched it ten fold. But today I live, I live it
down. With both eyes just now reawakening. Still soar
and sober. Still sober for no reason. I have every
reason. I can be just as addictive as the next so take
care of me. I am your responsibility. You wanted to
change it all so start with an infant. Is this it?
Have you given it to me? Is this the meaning? Have you
forced it upon me or am I hanging myself needlessly?
Damn your riddles stop speaking in tongues. Let me
hear t, let me feel it across my face if need be.
You've given it all still I want even more. Sober
expression. Numb in motive. Take even more. Damn your
riddles. They change nothing. I will stand back and
take it all in. I am still myself. I'm still intact.
Just let me rest. Just let me rest. Just let me go.
Yesterday I was left just like before and again every
night after. Now I can accept the common them in
unconsciousness. Temptation's only a word now with no
potential of a body. No is not so hard. I'm the one to
leave of an honest will. Confidence can no longer be
stolen under the table. Me.

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