1997 - Dom Kennedy

I be that n_gga always wearing something clean for the groupies
Looking like Caine but nah this is a not a movie
Cell phones up, tell them girls to shoot me
All I hear is "yea b_tch that's Dom can u excuse me"
Leimert Park legend, I used to bump that Snoopy
Had some iceberg and I used to want that Coogi
Back in 97 man my uncle wore the Gucci
And he rocked Polo, and he wore the Stussy
I am no marine but these n_ggas do salute me
Catch me on Peco, I am like the Lucy's
Give it to em raw, I am like the sushi
I hate how rappers use the term "fresh" so loosely
Bad ass n_gga, I am like Boosie
But that just might have went over yo head like a kufi
If I was a DJ, I would be Brucey
Or any of them n_ggas Biggie shouted out on juicy
Sometime I get chose, but u can say I'm choosy
And if u want to keep her then u should not introduce me, 25th hour, that was introducing
Roll with the winners girl cause I ain't into losing
Talking Crenshaw king, that's what we be cruising
Get my point across, so I never have to prove it
Squab with a n_gga, I ain't into shootin
This is not the army but them n_ggas is recruiting
Hardwood floors, but we don't be hooping
When them boxes touch touch down, then we gon' move it
Maybe out to Compton, just like St. Louis
Sugar 16's, n_gga watch how I do this yeah I studied this game
I'm a student, but now everyday they call my name and I be truant
UCLA, I'm a bruin
And all them plans you made, I'm a ruin
Your whole rap career, it is ruined
And everybody say "damn Dom you shouldn't do it"
I'm the number one pick, that's Ewing
No one said I would make it, but somehow I always knew it
And I'm running this game, that's stupid
I write like Eric, yeah that's ruthless
These hoes so Ashanti, that's foolish
I'm good on the track, Carl Lewis
All these rap critics always asking for some new sh_t, tell em go buy it
And they never do sh_t, I f_ck with FutureStreet
But dawg this my new sh_t, you say I'm bout to really B-L-O-W sh_t

In 1997, I wrote my first rhyme, "I wanna marry you" is what I told my first dime
Had my first drink, rolled my first dime, and I knew I was that first n_gga for the very first time
And said I ain't never left, tell em I ain't never left

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