P + H - Dom Kennedy

If ever we get lost during our time, please don't forget me
You are free to take a look around but always remember where you come from
By the way, I left a notebook for you by the door
Please write when you can
Peace & Happiness!

Peace & Happiness

[Verse 1:]
I used to wonder when my turn would come
Now I wonder if I'll ever w quit
I be buying sh_t I never had
Cause I was tired of never having sh_t
And now I'm picking crab with shrimp
And I don't f_ck with no average chicks
We eating $400 meals, tell me what you think I average tip
Don't get caught up in extravagence
And you can go from rags to rich
Girl I see you got yo Gucci purse
But you looking like a bag of sh_t
And I don't gotta ask for sh_t
I be counting all this cash I get
And shout out to my baby mama
Cause she be paying half the rent
Sometimes I sit back and just think about (Peace & Happiness)

[Verse 2:]
You ttryna get to Heavan much
N_ggas can't eat off of 7 bucks
Bet you always expected us
Who scratched the f_cking records up
This girl always tryna sex me up
You better always gotta check for us
Cause we tryna get this money fast
On Westside Get The Money ($) Ave
The kids wave when I'm coming past
It's a parade when I'm coming past
I can count a million one in cash
And still I give all I have [x4]

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