O.P.M. - Dom Kennedy

Got a pocket full of ones, and I bet your girl will come, because she likes it
And I'm feelin' like a man, 2 bottles of that champ, because I like it
We spending O.P.M. (what's that?)
Other Peoples Money and we like it (love it)
We spending O.P.M. Other Peoples Money and we like it (love it)

[Verse 1:]
Newest lady, new shoes hit the pavement
We eat what we want and shop for entertainment
Stock rising, make love, rock diamonds
You ever seen a look this good? Stop lying
Stack chips, South Central to Saks Fifth
I ain't gotta wait 'til December to wrap gifts
Get it now, buy a new car, settle down
AMG upgrades, fully tinted out
Feeling this, the [?] keep spilling sh_t
Look, it's no concealing it
Right now I got my hand in her blouse
Damn she aroused, the gonna end up back in the house


[Verse 2:]
The most ready, boat tied, no chevy
Don't make let it loop girl, make no spaghetti
Chain heavy, see a chick, game ready
When somebody loves you back (yeah Teddy)
You better know it, hard times we can never show it
I'm going places you ain't never going
Frozen clique, cups of strawberries
I don't gotta play to get paid like Marbury
I'm feeling this, the [?] keep spilling sh_t
Look now she revealing it (uhh)
Right now I got my hand on her mouth
Damn she was loud, I'm gonna end out dragging her out

[Hook x2]

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