Daddy - Dom Kennedy

She keep talkin' 'bout gettin' plastic surgery, I really hope she don't
And I wish I was the type that really enjoyed writin' the notes
Video wit' Quik and Suga Free, but that wasn't no boat
Them yachts out in Newport, tell me, 'Who on your boat?'
While n_ggas lie about it, my soul girls cry about it
I'm not a member of Black Hippy, but I recognize higher power
You could eat pickles that's sour and sit in L.A. for hours
And you still wouldn't know what it felt like back in '91
And at 3:25, that's when my pops known to drive
Somebody said I should look for a house out in Oceanside
I'm from OPM, baby, got to get that straight
So you know it turn me on, I see her fix my plate
Told her, 'Look at the album cover if you ever miss my face'
I hope I'm on that sh_t like Eric B. and Rakim, s_cker
Her mom said, 'Cut that song, uh, yeah, that is bumpin''
'Bout time you found somebody out here
That's really sayin' somethin'

I think I'm addicted to dippin' down Normandie
This could've been distributed by Priority
Instead we keepin' all the royalties
I stopped wearin' chains cause n_ggas' sh_t lookin' foily
And I heard what Chris Brown said, but I d_ck her down loyally
I have to interrupt, lookin' at your spoiled b_tt
Only raised by women, so you got waist and rhythms
To get my attention through a dashboard
Why you think little teenage boys always crash more?
Lookin' at the new 11s, thinkin' 'bout gettin' cash
Or waitin' on hoes to start shakin' that ass more
I never been the guy in France, but I made movies in my block
L.A. New Era hat and Shawn Stussy
Aw, f_ck it, I can't tell y'all sh_t, except, 'Get to it'
Gangsters used to wear nice shirts and drive big Buicks
Now this n_gga on the Internet tryin' to pitch music
Nobody want to hear that sh_t

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