Black Bentleys - Dom Kennedy

They say they love Hip-Hop? N_ggas not speakin' brilliant
Plot my next 2 albums, they gon' make me each a million
I just want the bad hoes, and I wanna reach the children
Take all my royalties and go and buy a Pisa buildin'
I didn't do my homework, still watched Rap City
Seen y'all n_ggas ride around in them black Bentleys
10 years later I'm like damn how n_ggas broke?
Then wanna try to hate on me? I'm like n_gga "No"

[Verse 1]
Never fall in love with the game, I might hit and go
Just take a n_gga to the sto' when my Henn is low
$100 dollar bill dice game yellin' 10 to fo'
Westside, OPM 4 Life, yea y'all n_ggas know
Gave a lot of music out for free instead of bein' sold
But deep down in my little heart man that sh_t is gold
Shot my videos with my cousin, man that sh_t was cold
N_ggas couldn't tell me back then I wasn't Big or Hov
Now they make songs with no soul just to bathe in gold
F_ck it I know how the sh_t go - I paid a 'roll
You need to spend more time rappin' 'stead of makin' clothes
You know I be out in Miami, bunch of naked hoes
This year I might stay home, catch Taste of Soul
Take a girl up to Kenneth Hahn to the Laker stroll
Have a party for all my n_ggas, who ain't make it home
Cuz hard times in Los Angeles? it'll make you cold
So I can't sign no papers, we ain't in control
I rather be back on Vernon, eatin' Pollo bowls
Real hood specials, 4 dollars and sh_t
We talkin' all street knowledge, no college and sh_t



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