Choose up - Dom Kennedy

[Verse 1]

This that westside Crenshaw bumping
Just a little something that my n_ggas came up with
Jay 305 says you boys is on some f_ck sh_t
Girls wanna touch this but I don't even trust it
Her man getting jealous better tell him Im corrupted
My mom calls me Dom I don't need no introduction
Didn't choose rap it's just something that Im stuck with
Like Wu Tang Clan ain't nothing you should f_ck with
Spreading my money on the table like mustard
Old school raider hat that gotta be adjusted
A1 burger sh_t not on that trust ish
I be in the studio not at your function
Me and Cartier working harder than construction
It's so cliche I wouldn't call myself a hustler
Just a young n_gga that read all the instructions
And everywhere I go they better bump this


I've been up and I've been low and
You've been stuck and I've been rolling
You can shine but mine is golden
I've been told that players get chosen
(Choose up wuddup, Chosen [X4])

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