Designer Sh T - Dom Kennedy

I'm only gonna do this one time
Tailor made...
Uh. I'm talkin about everything tailor made
Yeah... Yeah

On a road trip to Vegas
And that's 14 carrots
So them gold diggers crave it
Put it in a pipe just like them old n_ggas blazin
"We finto get this money b_tch," I told n_ggas daily
Anything can happen sh_t I showed n_ggas daily
I never met a girl in my life that wouldn't date me
True Story, My jeans cost about 240
I f_cked 2 shorties in a house that's 2 stories
I can't wear regular sh_t, it's too boring
So when she see a n_gga like me she come join
This designer sh_t, got a "O" of marijuana
By the China sh_t, that Dom I wanna meet yo momma sh_t
No hooks, you know we all about that rhymin sh_t
Cash Money, Independent, Big Tymer sh_t
I said, "Girl, I know you know you know you fine and sh_t
But Goddamn, Why can't I just make you mine and sh_t?
Why you always actin like you blind and sh_t?
I know you love the way that we be grindin it
But I don't like them n_ggas you be ridin with
And them the one's you always end up signin with
Don't ask me when you see me who I'm signin with
Who ever got the most money is who I'm vibin with
F_ck that, who the f_ck I'm even jivin with
I'm already inner scope, ain't no hidin it
I just want a Maybach to recline in it
No, I wanna lay back and take my time with it
If you gettin cheese say "one time" with it
And if you on yo knees take yo time with it
I might Kangol and Gold Tooth it
Man I told ya'll these hoes stupid
I wouldn't f_ck no b_tch named "Stacks"
And real n_ggas make sh_t on wax
F_ckin Fruity Loops
All yo sh_t so whack, cause real n_ggas make sh_t on DAT's
You f_ckin rappers
You n_ggas couldn't hit on bats
You ain't sh_t n_gga sit on that
It's like a cashmere sweater
A million upfront will make a bad year better
Birds ain't flyin off last years feathers
And I ain't eatin off last years cheddar
Ain't no sunshine just ask Bill Withers
Two Hundred twenties make my pockets feel better
Know we got girl friends and they still let us

This that Designer Sh_t... This that Designer sh_t (Yeah)
And all them hoes stay in line for this (Uh)

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