Dom's Prayer - Dom Kennedy

[Verse 1:]
Lord forgive me for this watch I bought
I know that sh_t had cost alot
And I don't really like to floss alot
But I just really feel the time is right
Sh_t we tryna live that finer life
You know that dolce and gabbana life
Lot of n_ggas in this club boi
I'm on some "need some new vagina" life
Lord forgive me if I'm losin faith
How many n_ggas we gon lose today
My n_gga caso just got blew away
Sometimes I wanna move away
But you see that I choose to stay
I guess that prove it's safe
This stress sh_t got me losin' weight
But all I gotta do is pray

I pray that we gon make it safe
I pray that we gon make this cake
I pray you know that I ain't fake
I pray I see these iron gates
I'm prayin' to my dyin day [x3]
I be prayin' to my dyin day

[Verse 2:]
Lord forgive me if I fornicate
And yea I made some porno tapes
Sometimes I smoke some little Eigth
Sometime I have a little drank
And I ain't got much time to waste
These dreams I'm always tryna chase
Makin money off of rhymes is great
But when I'm out I gotta hide my face
Lord forgive me if I shyed away
I can't hear you when my mind is blank
My mom give me my common grace
And I'm handsome for my daddy face
Now I'm standin in my daddy place
Damn being a dad is great
I get to tell my son look
Don't be out makin yo dad mistakes


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