Feelin It Killin It - Dom Kennedy feat Skotch Davis

[Verse 1: Dom Kennedy]
They say, They say, They say
They say AH you be killin it, Dog is you feelin it?
Stupid dope lines n_gga, Dom is you dealin it?
This my rough draft n_gga live on that dealer sh_t
Guess what I'm gone drive when I drive off the dealership
Red leather seats, black trim on some Thriller sh_t
Boppin like a Boss Rick Ross on my Killin sh_t [x3]
I don't really like you, you just gotta deal with it
I can press the line though, you just gotta chill with it
Everybody got they own lane till I'm stealin it
And everybody got they own chain till I'm stealin it
The way I spit gold n_gga you could say I'm grillin it
Fresh like the prince b_tch, you could say I'm Willin it
Buyin all expensive sh_t, you can say I'm Hillin it
Throwin n_ggas out the house you can say I'm Philin it
Getting head in bathrooms, you can say I'm illin it
And You could say I'm feelin it
You could say I'm killin it

They say AH you be killin it, dog is you feelin it?
Stupid dope lines n_gga, Dom is you dealin it?
Leimert Park n_gga on my mom we be killin it
B-S-O-D on my mom we be spillin it
If murder was the case I'm like naw b_tch I'm innocent
Gangsta LA on arm lookin ignorant [x3]

[Verse 2: Dom Kennedy]
It ain't even ready yet, you could say we mixin it
Baby ain't my girlfriend but you could say we kickin it
Spit that motivational, I just don't be preachin it
I know how to add fool, I just don't be teachin it
See me in some foreign sh_t, I just won't be leasin it
My D_ckies lookin good too, I just don't be creasin it
Dom in other cities now, b_tches want a piece of it
Don't be chasin waterfalls, I just hope she Creepin it
Gettin like 25 to life for concealin it
And you could say I'm feelin it
You could say I'm killin it

[Verse 3: Skotch Davis]
Ay Yo, I'm a let these n_ggas know, I ain't for the dumb sh_t
Daddy name Vince but, I ain't on that young sh_t
Ladies love to kick it cause we be on that fun sh_t
Keep a pair of air max yea I'm tryin to run sh_t
Talk about flavor uh, you could say I'm margarine
Black and Silver Whips, yea you could say we Raided it
Yea we did a song together you just said they hated it
But they ain't got no choice cause the DJ keep on playin it
Rollin with a Kennedy got life lookin differently
Linkin with the homie got the West Side feelin me
Shuttin down stadiums, you could say we Sheain sh_t
If you ain't familiar then you could say we Yankee sh_t
Champion at 26 yea I'm on my Yankee sh_t
When you out of time yea you could say I'm spankin it
You could call me Benjamin, I'm just bein Frank with it
I'm a put her ass to bed, you just here to blanket it

Ah man, I just gotta be honest man, for that money for that Gwap, for that Peso, for them dividends, for them Euro's for them Pounds, for that Lira, for whatever it is you spendin put that money on ya boy Skiddidididot from the bliddidididock and my man Dom Kennedy from Leimert Park, What's Cool?

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