Guess Who It is - Dom Kennedy

This the part of the muthaf_cking game right here
We start diving in the end zone on y'all n_ggas
Cause we kicking y'all muthaf_cking ass like that n_gga, yea
Aye what up n_gga
My n_ggas moving in the Marina and sh_t
We f_cking with the white people now
N_ggas is making dates f_cking tennis and sh_t nine in the morning
The f_ck I'm talking about
And y'all n_ggas wanna talk about this...maaaan I ain't even f_cking talk about that sh_t, n_gga
We got bigger sh_t going on

Lets get into it

Guess who's bizzack, you steal hand cracking my songs
I'll beat your ass with the back of my phone
Joe Pesci on the West beat, I'm Keyshawn at SC
I ball so much that I might just win an ESPY
I'm feeling like the next me, my video is next week
I'm so s_cker free but theses n_ggas is trying to next me, ew
Gucci and a rack, so why would I battle rap
When girls see me out and be like oooou where my camera at
N_ggas in the club I'm like ummm where my hammer at
I ain't for the stupid sh_t, I just want to handle that
Models in the throttle on Porsches with four horses
Telling the French waiter like man I need more oysters
The things I indulge in y'all dudes ain't exposing
Pinocchio ass n_ggas don't even stick your nose in, oh
Mr. Kennedy, titian like Tennessee
Not licensed to be fighting like Tyson I'm off this Hennessy
Smooth like Emmitt be
N_gga that wore twenty-three
Forty five and nine ones
Summer time is mine but
It's gon be a slight chill, liking how my life feel
Them other dudes don't kill it but the n_gga on the mic will

South Beach, might chill, Daygo, I may go
You ain't even see how we connected like legos
You ain't even see I was bout to exit like Mase though
Right after the check cleared
You might not see me next year, sh_t
I've been a baller like Ben Baller
F_ck running for it, n_gga I've been in office
I'm huge in July, I'm big in August
I'm ready to die, n_gga I'm BIG in all this
Rap rebel sh_t, you ain't on my level b_tch
The government is handing out coke so you better peddle it
The bar got a couple of cases I'm trying to settle it
Gold card go hard
My old b_tch rock Goyard
My new b_tch drink Old E
Bamboos, gold teeth
In five, four seats
Spikezz, color feet, please
I'm so often, holier than gold crosses
N_ggas know me I'm so Slauson from Leimert park to Boston
Bean town to the Bronx I'm senile with the ugh
Back in 05 I would freestyle in some dunks
But now I ride around with me now in the truck
Yelling get out the way my n_gga it's me now in the front
I'm bout to buy a Porsche put the cheese down in a month
Like come out the house ma that's me down in the front
I grinds like pepper, with dimes like Hefner
Might take you out to eat but the wine is like extra
I'm trying like catcher from behind like catchers
But things never seem to be aligned like Tetris
Yo girl mine like the West is
She say I'm so sick and she trying not to catch it
But I ride like a Lexus
Her body is like oh god and I'm trying not to bless it
I'm on fire where the exit
Dom is like a whole f_cking choir with a message
Some nice attire when I'm stepping
My right side nice but I'm flyer on the left one
They say Im flyer than the Jetsons
Mesh Gucci loafs, n_ggas admire the selection, Yeah

Leimert ain't QB but still I'm never shook
Dom Kennedy is like little brother with better hooks
No castles just better crooks n_gga

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