Hangin - Dom Kennedy feat Freddie Gibbs

[Hook: x8]
Hanging, mobbing, posted up, chillin

[Verse 1: Dom Kennedy]
Man life ain't no fairytale you better learn that very well
If you go to jail it's no calls on the celly-cell
Before me, there was a rapper named Melly mel
After him, it was a rapper named Elly L
My n_gga doing 8 years with no baily bail
He won't get to see his daughter till she barely twelve
Cold game, I be pricing them gold rings
I went in for a charm and came back with the whole thing
No games call me by my codename
Clayton Crenshaw then re-runs of soul train
Propane, chop hoes like lo mein
I know some cute thick white girls in Spokane
Hanging, mobbing, posted up, chillin
Dranking, robbing, smoking, or killin
Banging, squabbing, most of 'em children
That's five little n_ggas in the front of every building

[Hook x8]

[Verse 2: Freddie Gibbs]
Muthaf_cka I be hanging, mobbin
Fingers twisted gang banging, robbin
Stick up at the gas station or two elevens at the liquor store
Ask them Popo bout that gangsta Gibbs bet them n_ggas know
Serving dope at dope man nights uh
Never trust a b_tch that's why I f_ck with the lights on
Tryna justify the way I live but it's quite wrong
Headed for the clink, won't sleep a wink 'til this white gone
Swishers to the face in Granny's basement that's the chill spot
Bought a pound from Ray on thirty three now that's the kill spot
So I say we mass up on n_ggas and go take it all
Got me shaking yay around my way cause that's the way we ball
Serving is a ritual, drug scale digital
N_ggas shot the Chevy up and missed me but my homie off in critical
So I guess these n_ggas get wet cause I ain't finished
I go out to be a straight up menace and I be hanging

[Hook x8]

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