In The Daytime - Dom Kennedy

You might gotta
Y'know I'm saying you might gotta go Earl's
And get you a chili cheese dawg to cruise around in this one
J Skillz what's poppin baby
What's cool baby
Sun shining on this new day
Yes it is

In the daytime
I cruise the city and mind the ladies waistline
To the bassline
Some old quick sh_t
Or maybe me perhaps
Throwing 2s at the new coups
With the feet to match
Got my new sneakers (Check)
Got my new beeper (Check)
Blackberry keep me connected like the reefer man
Seat back and my speakers blarin
Moon roof slight over-cast
But I'm so over that
I over gas onto the over pass
I'm so slow it's like I'm born fast
How annoying is that?
I'm so cold I got the annoying back
I'm on the road in them Jordan packs
And I'm damn sporting black laces in em
And my Louie got faces in em
And you can give me that Ma
As long as you ain't got braces in em
Now say it with em

In the daytime
I don't know man you like
Y'know I'm saying
You gotta, you gotta let that moon roof go on this one
So necessary on this one
Y'know mean
You gotta, you gotta get that car wash across from R's Wings

Today was a good day too Cube
Picked up a pair of shoes, nice t, and some cooked food
Hit the wine with it
Saw my ex spent some time with it
Quick session did the grind with it
Shes so mine with it
Marc Jacobs she so fine with it
Mack gloss, a lil shine with it
Bonita Applebaum, put me on a lil Tribe with it
It feel good close your eyes with it
Look to the sky baby
That's not a plane that's your guy baby
I shine hard like amoral
I don't be warming up
Come in the game they gone warm you up
Your girl say you ain't warm enough
She wanna join with us
I told Jason he could join her up
It's for life he better warn her first
We don't play like smush in the playoffs
The swoosh on my J Ross
SOB lampin like crooks on a day off
We kick push in a weight off
No I'm not sellin but if I was I ain't tellin

In the daytime
It's like
It be one of them days where
It be like December and it like be 83 out in this motherf_cker
Y'know I'm sayin, this that
Y'know I mean
You just be crusiing like
In the daytime

Born in God's likeness
Kids in L.A say yeah I wanna be like him
So I try and write some nice good hymns for em
Get my bars up
You know hit the gym for em
I'm just trying to win for em
Slide up Lay-gray baby hit the tin for em
Standing tall as a tiger sh_t I'm a benz for em
South central or either I'm like a prince for em
Sent form by a higher power
They biting my style but catch me anywhere
My frequent miles fly up
Local celebrity live life yours will never be
That of a Kennedy
Don't be mad at the pedigree
Best ever sh_t?
I better be
Nah I'm just trying to become a better me
Kill this in trey, leather seats
Hmm like two Carrea deep
But G4 got them Carreas beat
F_ck I care I'm off Albera street,
N_gga this forever E

In the daytime
Y'know mean, and throw like 30 in your tank too
I'm tired of seeing y'all n_ggas on lagera and Slawson
Every n_gga that be there in their Hummers and sh_t
Like yo, can I get ten on two?

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