Locals Only - Dom Kennedy


[Verse 1:]
The very first time I heard run in them Adidas
I never would have thought one day I'd have a fever
They used to say, "Nah Dom. He is not no keeper"
"And yea them songs cool, but naw he ain't got no heaters"
But then I went home (shhh) we ain't we ain't got one neither
The gas shut off man I just go to sleep but
These n_ggas think they good but I really know they s_ck
And n_ggas think they hood but I really know they punks
The man with most isn't always in the front
So hit that West Side and we'll give you what you want
A nice black eye that will go with all them lumps
And I try to stay quiet if it ain't involvin us

She asked me where I came from
I told her where you headed
Back to LA
I said baby what you reppin'
I got these ideas and I'm tryin to make records
So when the train stops this time I'm a catch it [x5]

[Verse 2:]
The very first time I heard Black Superman
I knew it was ok to just act like who I am
I used to rob stores for a tape I could afford
And I want to thank the Lord for the life of 2Pac Shakur
I know living's hard but you gotta see the light
You never gone make it if you never rolled a dice
Take the first step, that was Doctor King's advice
Goin no days off I'm gone practice every night
I got so many thoughts and I got so much to write
And that right there is the story of my life
Can't sit and complain, naw I'm tryin to get a name
Help feed the kids and I'm tryin to get a chain
My homeboy Iian was the first one with a Range
We used to play my old sh_t, now I got mo' sh_t
Just a little somethin' I can get out on the road with
I can get out on the road with
Or may be just walk to the store with


[Verse 3:]
I remember, no cameras, no calls, no answers
No meetings, no features, no chances
No shows, no fans, no dancin'
Now there's 300 girls yellin "Go Handsome"
I'm warmin up California this is yo candle
And I never had a video on no channel
I saw your name on a sign that said show cancelled
The charm of a college kid with them pro handles
This for n_ggas stressed out and gotta smoke Camel's
And them ladies with them pretty open toed sandals
I remember them Impalas with them Gold Panels
We still keep it West Side like a old flannel
Mix a little Leimert Park with a cold piano
And tell if you heard somethin realer
I told Arch we was gonna kill em
New everything got me lookin like a dealer
If there's somethin' wrong then I'm lookin in the mirror
Life is a B_tch but I could never fear her
Cause she be lookin good every second that I'm near her
She told me take my time but I really couldn't hear her
Not in it for the ring girl I want to be respected
That's why it took me like 4 years to perfect it
She said you got the type of heart I like to connect with
So when the train stops next time I'm a catch it

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