Menace Beach - Dom Kennedy

"We're not drug dealers... We're fundraisers."

[Verse 1:]
Check 4, 5... 4, 5
Check, Check
Now when my cousin through in that all Blue Kitted
They was ridin down business with them all new dishes
His tapered as Jeans matched the Alt Blue sixes
Cause he good at pushin rock like Rod (Who?) Strickland
And the dope boys love em and the game need his diction
Smartest out the line, still do crime (What a [?])
And his brother's locked up but he always send him pictures
And his best friend's gone but he always send him liquors up
Smokes from the joints that he rolls to remember when
They was little kids receiving toys in December then
They was just to young to enjoy all the simple sh_t
Like, "Ay I got a crush on this girl let me mention it."
C_caine Membership, Propane finish it
No names givin just that dope game livin

And if this was 92' they would have beat yo ass
N_gga if this was 92'...

[Verse 2:]
Soul Train rockin, Gold Chain Clockin
Yo sh_t is all plain and my thang got that hot
Ring match the watch, tell them girls to watch
F_ck Scarface n_gga tell the world to stop me
I ball like I'm [?] get calls like Verizon
I ain't Freeway Rick but it's all on my horizon
Rivals will despise him, Hollows will divide them
Gangstas make the world go round but how is that surprising?
Servin in that [?] straight on my Andre [?]
I'm risin like the baking soda I'm supplied with
I get winkers when I'm spending money high pitched
I let it talk for me I don't even talk money
I despise it, Isaac, Newton with the math
I be doin Ewing's, sweatin money like I'm Jewish
While the [Pause for Sirens] is pursuin
They can't catch me I ain't movin
They can't stretch me I ain't losin
All this Pepsi I be movin, No Cola
Oprah buildin schools overseas
And wonder why we graduate and come back in Rover deep

I say if this was 92' they would've beat yo ass
N_gga if this was 92'...

[Verse 3: x4]
C_caine for eons, my rope chain like Neon
I'm so paid with no shame, thanks dope game n_gga we on

Call me Mr. Clark by the way that they all lean on
Moi, to get they high
It's in Demand, I got Supply
I'm the man that's not for pliers
Ralph Lauren, that's not [?]
Glah! [x10]

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