Nothing Like Me - Dom Kennedy feat DJ Mustard

[Hook: Dom Kennedy]
He might have the cars and the clothes, always wear gold
But that n_gga ain't nothin like me
He might have a watch and a strap, a nice Cadillac
But that n_gga ain't nothin like me
He might have the internet buzz, a plug on the drugs
But that n_gga ain't nothin like me
He might get cheque after cheque, but ya panties ain't wet
Cuz that n_gga can't do it like me

[Verse 1: Dom Kennedy]
We got bottles but no cups
I'm like Russell Simmons but he don't fly coach much
N_ggas went from eating cold cuts to Ruth's Chris
To pulling up in some new sh_t, they like who this
LA on my hat, that's a known fact
So you already know where I be
And when I get old, I want to have hoes
Like my motherf_cking n_gga YG
Westside get the money, so you n_ggas is all talk
My girls looking all good, they asses is all soft
My cars all black, ya ride like a mob boss
But that's not the reason that she taking them drawers off
In fact, I never ask her sh_t like where you at
Because anywhere she go I'm pretty sure she coming back
Let her find out that all these other n_ggas wack
And you insecure n_ggas trying to rap


[Verse 2: Dom Kennedy]
Wait n_gga hold up
These n_ggas come to town, start wifing my old sl_ts
I told her go down ya right to the toe touch
Then reach around for me girl, grab both nuts
Talk about real n_ggas, I been one
Naw them cars cost 100 and then some
Eating on dim sum, blessed with income
Seen Mustard Benz, sh_t I might get one
But if you ridin' passenger, I ain't even mad at ya
Two years ago, sh_t I was in the Acura
On me, this OpM sh_t spectacular
Had a south central ass n_gga out in Africa
In fact, I put the westside on my back
And told her I'm goin' take her everywhere on the map
Throw a big party watch them hoes throw it back
Tell them get home safely that's a wrap


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