Of All Time - Dom Kennedy

BJ The Chicago Kid)

[Dom Speaks:]
Things finally looking up, Girls finally getting down
When hoes around slows you down


[Verse 1: Dom Kennedy]
It's either be on my team, or you'll probably lose
The day you shut down my city n_gga I'll probably moved
I feel like I'm the only n_gga poppin and that's probably true
Poly set the screen, I'm just waitin on my alley oop
My girl is sweeter than berrys, Halle too
I might get her a couple rings if she Audi cool
AA'in it's hard to stay patient, when you hear that M5
And the n_gga paid Franklin's
Hollywood sign, my little n_ggas stay adjacent
It's money in the air like somebody sprayed a fragrance
What success sound like when you dressed down nice
Damn... Everything I do in the West sound right
This feel like Nike when they just found Mike
Or them black and white commercials when they just found Spike
Then them Porsches in a circle getting spint round twice
I ain't makin money off music? Then what this sound like n_gga?

[Hook: BJ The Chicago Kid]
Ya'll do ya'll dog and I'm a do me
And in the end trust me we gone see
The real one that's destined to be
The Coldest N_gga Of All Time
Who are you dog compared to me?
You the States I'm over seas
C.N.O.A.T, Coldest N_gga Of All Time

[Verse 2: Dom Kennedy]
Black candle, Black lighter, Black Roses
I'm showing n_ggas the way I'm like the black Moses
For South Central, LA this like the Black Opis
King of 8th n_gga get ya Google Maps open
LA's finest pull me over with they whack slogan
And pound my sh_t if you want, I'll be back rollin
A week later I'm at the lot with a stack, Hold It!
Sh_t I got a generation on my back (Go in)
For loose listeners I don't want to petition ya
Hand over my heart if you f_ck with me unconditional
Fortune 500 Dom on my Mom
It's like Iraq in this sh_t, tell Flex drop the bomb
Number one with a bullet, bet I knock it off
Best n_gga in LA if I'm never not involved
I be aimin for the heavens I ain't never shot at blogs
Why you scared to speak to me? I ain't never got at ya'll. Hah

[Hook: BJ The Chicago Kid]

[Verse 3: Dom Kennedy]
Fear em, soon as you hear em
Upon my arrival the real n_ggas cheer em
Black Mac Book, keep my business in line
I think a Jesus Piece might keep my Spirit Divine
But I read a passage to keep my lyrics in line
I ain't reached the masses but still I feel I've been tryin (Naw)
Sh_t at least I feel I can grind
Million dollar deal, at least I will when I sign (HA)
You spent a DEM on your cloths
Buyin Louis belts I can see em off a show
F_ck Video hoes, I done seen em when they broke
Tryin to get a date I done seen all in they throat

[Hook: BJ The Chicago Kid]

[Verse 4: BJ The Chicago Kid]
Even in the summer four key stunner
(Coldest N_gga Of All Time)
And you ain't never got to wonder, on out the summer
(Coldest N_gga Of All Time)
Hurry up take a picture, Cause you don't want to miss the
(Coldest N_gga Of All Time)
And you ain't got to check the list but I'm right there under Mr
(Coldest N_gga Of All Time)

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