On The Way Home - Dom Kennedy

It smell good too... that's that platinum

New hoes, hit em on my new phone
Take her to my new spot, let her hear my new song
I just wanna groove on
I don't sip Nuvo, all these kids smoking, really nothing new though
Coming out the westside, you already knew though
Say you seen me with that b_tch, it ain't true though
Kids wanna rap now, need to stay in school though
I wanna give a big shoutout to DJ Pooto
Running from, Deebo
N_ggas got, egos
What happen to the beat, damn I miss Theo
I use to smoke stress, now the sh_t legal
I can make a Rolls Royce fell like a Regal
Pulling up, Peeko
Feeling like, Rico
I could stash 10 thousand dollars in my peacoat
I just wanna freak hoes
I just wanna get doe
I just wanna take her to the lot and get my whip chrome
In my mid 20's, that's what I sit on
Girls grab my pants like "Damn boy yo sh-long"
You need to caress it
I ain't even stressin'
Before you wake up on my d_ck eat breakfast
And she got pictures, tell her just text it
We ain't got time to have sex, we flexin'
I can see the bottom of her cheek when she strechin'
I hope you don't sleep, cause you know I'm gone catch it
323, you know I'm gone rep it
Other people's money, can you see it on my necklace
You drinking while you driving, n_gga that's reckless
Let the girls roll, man tell her get naked
Walk up to her car like "What is this, a Lexis?"
Got a fat ass, "What are you from Texas?"
You don't like me, "What are you, tasteless?"
Put the seat back, damn I wonder where her face went
I'm trying to get right, she trying to get on
This a good trade when we on our way home
She f_ck with Trey Songs
I had to play Bone
Do what you do, we ain't finna take long
And my mom don't meet every girl I take home
It's so many places that I'm wanna to get flown
I'm trying to get right, if you trying to get on
I figured we can do something on the way home

That's yo man right there?
Well check it, that n_gga don't live around here
So when he leave, you can come back through, we'll still be outside
And bring some friends!

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