Platinum Chanel - Dom Kennedy

[Verse 1:]
I'm on point, that's not the 300 it's the Rolls Royce
Stainless steal watch by choice with the gold voice
One look at me and she moist
We in Fuego, hard rock suite down in Day-go get her prego
Wake up real early to eggo's, and fresh squeezed
You can wear Adidas and Gucci it mesh clean
And I'll take any color in the coupe except green
Girls that I used to f_ck with is ex fiends
Thinking I should spend my (money) on you that's extreme
Now time cost money, and money cost time
Take care of wifey keep them honeys on the side
A real play-boy keep a bunny on the side
Cause you gone need somebody to bail you out, Platinum Chanel
I get lives to tell you out, stay in the house cause b_tch I can tell you out
These n_ggas thirsty you know they can smell you out
I'm a mac don't let these n_ggas dell you out, Stay focused
If you could get a lil' closer, I'll take you with me when it's time to go on Oprah
Gumbo just ain't the same without okra
And you don't look good without me it's the same thing
Remember Kobe cheated on his, the same ring, we getting rich off sixteens and can't sing
I got fans know who I am in Beijing, I bought my first car off the lot at eighteen
I knew n_ggas goin' to jail when we was twelve, they used to come back to school like it was hell
I got my style back in them days if you can tell, Things didn't always look bright but we prevailed
We used to roll a regular joint that we would sell, if you got a couple of sales that's clientele
Ain't no one way than it's try and fail, the games has it's ups and downs you buy and sell
I might go back to school I might yeah, Get a couple million next year I might as well

Uh, Yeah
Platinum Chanel (What's that)
Platinum Chanel (What's that)
Platinum Chanel (What's that)
Platinum Chanel

[Verse 2:]
I keep goin', diamonds on diamonds, sh_t it keep snowin'
Err'body say they want peace till the piece showin
Pull it out the 501's with the crease showin'
Take a couple shots and I'm done Beat Bowings, I'm the biggest star on the field like T.Owens
Damn I only met her last week and she on it, I ain't got much time to give but she want it
If Mercedes make a new Benz then we want it Take yo' moment and make it our moment
We don't ask for nothin' from our opponent, We don't give a f_ck my Gold chain's stolen
Gold chain plated, ya whole style dated, Leimert Park Legend, So Cal greatest
House party goin, Fo' Cal Bangaz, Sh_t gets dangerous, First get money n_gga than get famous
Now f_ck being famous, The whole sh_t Tainted, you got no money
10 G's a month yeah I know God love me, I laugh on my way to the bank the sh_t funny
I don't wear Lebron's to the club the sh_t's ugly, 3 Piece rims on the Porsche it look lovely
Chain hang down to my tummy I look chubby, Tell her like Kendrick Lamar just don't worry
I'm in the best shape of my youth I'm getting loot, I'm backstage eatin' on fruit
You drinkin' soup, Ya single didn't even recruit you out the loop
It's me, Q, Quick, and Snoop it's not a floop
Sittin' out front of the stoop I got the juice
Before I leave the house tonight, I got you ma


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