Room 323 Intermission - Dom Kennedy

There's something you should know

[Dom talks:]
Yeah, It's intermission time again
I'm about 2 bottles of Merlot in
I go by a couple names
My mom calls me Dom
And I know you been waitin
Wonderin when we was comin back
Cause I know it gets lonely when I'm not around
But we had to perfect the sound
Tell Em

[L4 Talks:]
Yeah, Your now tuned into the smooth sounds of
The Los Angeles Unified Sound District
Comin to you from, the West with Love
My name is Lazy Lou and I'm a Sagittarius
Can ya dig it?
Yea, it's ya boy Polyester, Libra

There's something you should know
Before we go and play
That baby tonite
You can't stay
You should go girl
So GO... Now
You should go girl

[All Dom says is "You should go girl. You should go."]

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