The 5 Year Theory (Real S**t Last) - Dom Kennedy

We exclusively in the studio
My n_gga Casey Veggies, my n_gga Roccett
My n_gga Tech on the boards
My n_gga Archie Davis
Westside, OPM, Other People's Money

[Verse 1]
I seen a new Porsche today, I'mma get my mom that
Black on black Vans for real, like I'm in combat
I get the same type of girls.. that LeBron snatch
'cept it ain't no guarantees in my contract
True enough... f_ck you, I been through enough
Told 'em it was Other People Money, then I threw it up
Makes sense
Sometimes shoppin' is a day spent
I might be off coppin' 'fore I pay rent
Might be on Compton, get my whip washed
Just so I can see her
Just so I can see her do her lip gloss on it
Man, this sound like I shoulda put Rick Ro$$ on it
N_ggas buyin' Rolexes with the tick tock on it
Oh, that's what time it is
I'ma let y'all handle minor biz
I must be where you always tried to get
Cuz when I came up, n_ggas feelings came out
The cars pulled up, and the ceilings came out
The ladies came through and they titties pushed up
And just when she was ready to leave? I pushed up
And told her "hey baby, I'm crazy, but I drive a 650
I'll drive to Vegas if you dip with me
Let's shoot a video in the desert"
She said "you already did that"
I laughed was like "oh sh_t, how I forget that?"
Make a QuikStop at the store, get some ZigZags
Cold ass bottle of water and some Tic-Tacs
My n_ggas buyin' 6 packs, not Kit-Kats
Where your homegirl live at? tryna hit that
I had two bottles of Veuv', don't wanna chit chat
This is a world premiere, don't wan' miss that
Didn't have me in yo top 10? still get math
N_ggas ain't figured it out? real sh_t lasts
I could stop rappin' tomorrow and still get ass
Like back high school, in the mornin', we used to skip class
Told her "ooh girl you fine, wit yo thick ass"

I said I told her "ooh girl you fine, wit yo thick ass"

[Verse 2]
I love to watch her when she backin' up
That ass remind me of the baddest truck
A n_gga probably took her out once, uh huh, that's wassup
I'll have her at the house, cookin' for me, packin' lunch
My phone never stop ringin', I get faxed a bunch
N_ggas playin' video games, yellin' "pass the blunt"
I be in the studio writin', payin' taxes s_ck
N_ggas lettin' bullsh_t slide, come on, that's enough
Play wit my money? and die, that's some tragic stuff
Grew up on Laker games, I f_ck with Rambis tough
Did a show out in Boston, they think Magic s_cks
N_ggas do spend that money, I be stackin' up
Told her "you could bring your girl, y'all just lappin' up"
Seems like I went from....just pickin' rappin' up
To everybody new favorite rapper like fast as f_ck
I'm not the type that's gon' ask for much
I'm not the type that's gon'
Uh uh
Just what's owed to me
A lil' Patron, feel me?
Some b_tches that's gon' feel me, some n_ggas that won't kill me
N_ggas is grown feel me, I really don't pop pilly's
I listen to Bob Marley, the wisdom that God give me
Tryna go platinum, just hopin' that y'all hear me
I really don't play ball, but n_ggas could ball feel me
Uh, ha
Like 50 Cent on y'all n_ggas
I never heard a fly verse on sh_t from y'all n_ggas
So I don't never wanna hear sh_t from y'all n_ggas
Man I can't even walk thru the f_ckin' mall with her
Uh uh
Cuz she fine with her thick ass
I can pick you up anywhere except 10th Ave
You need me, not Slimfast
Keep a Dom Kennedy shirt in yo' gym bag
Girl you fine with yo thick ass
Girl you fine

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