Who Rollin Wit Me - Dom Kennedy

[Hook 1:]
I'm only copin the fresh kicks
Who rollin with me
I'm only spotted with the best b_tch
Who rollin with me
I'm only hot with that West sh_t
Who rollin with me
Who, Who rollin with me
I only flow on the best beats
Who rollin with me
And if I smoke it's the best trees
Who rollin with me
I love a girl with a fresh weave
Who rollin with me
Who, Who rollin with me

[Verse 1:]
You know who Dom is, Leimert Park to the heart
Motherf_cker ya'll n_ggas know what the time is
It's ya flyness, kids are so misguided
About Hip-Hop, but this here should remind em
Yup, this here should define em
A soul entity, it's soul in the beats
I'm cold in the heat, I'm so into me
Ya ho be, and you know I'm finna see
What's good with her, If I could hit her
I would have gave her the dougie sh_t if I could sit up (Huh?)
N_gga I wish I would give up
And let ya'll get the Grammy that I'm supposed to pick up
I'm in the best sneakers, With the best Divas
With no distribution, I make the West reach ya
This that next t-Shirt, with my face on it
Tell the truth ma, you love the way I taste don't it

[Hook 2:]
I only step in the fly shoe's
And signed me up for a size two
I'm a get a six forty five too

I only rock with my hat low
Let's bump this Nas and this Camp Lo
Turn it up let them Amps blow

[Verse 2:]
Man I'm LA's "Say Hey", fresher than 8th grade
Stop the beat one time they bringin back my Grey J's
I'm sharper than a tape fade
Seen round the way more than n_ggas in them fake Bapes
Excuse me miss are you a playmate?
Oh a video girl and you used to date Ray Jay?
Yea, that's that LA lay
Light skinned thick, shop at Boutiques and DaDa's
Sorry Cube it was a great day
I even take this chick from the Bay that work at SafeWay (Safe?)
Two magnums, did it the safe way
Thinkin back to when I used my radio to make tapes
But now everything they play safe, trap, crack, rap
Sh_t they gonna take it away Jason
So f_ck the beef, power, and K day
Who rollin with me
Who rollin with me

[Hook 2:]
I only rock what you don't cop
Ten West and it don't stop
Skillz beatin, it's gone rock

I sit back and my chick drive
I like yours but this mine
It's top of the world this time

[Verse 3:]
Baby girl, is you rollin with me?
Let's pop it off, have a soda with me
Oh word, ya home girl when to Audubon with me
Myspace, got a photo with me
But don't got the photo with you
So I don't think you get the picture
I'm too sharp to be in Megapixels
My "Put together" be dead official
And I ain't tryin to just bed it with you
Argument's I would dread it with you
Matter fact if there's a ribbon in the sky
I gladly take a ride and go get it with you
I feel like a kid again, no bet, I wanna hit again
I'm just talkin sh_t again, Man, here go my sh_t again

[Hook 2:]
Number 9 with a Ice Tea
Let's stand in line for these Nike's G
Thank the Lord for Spike Lee

"Peace Out" to the West Side
From Accord's to S5's
I love four's with the meshed sides

[Hook 1]

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